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Why CBD Is Important For Your Pet at Every Age | Blooming Culture

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A very common question we get often is...

Why would I incorporate CBD into my pet’s wellness plan if they have no immediate "issues" and are young, happy and healthy? 

This is such a great and valid question that we decided to do a short post about it to highlight a few key examples of the benefits.

Educating and creating awareness around using CBD as a preventative tool is something we strongly believe in at Blooming Culture. If you start dosing CBD daily when your pet is at their prime, it can help with future age-related problems and  help ensure your pet is living their best life.

Studies show that CBD not only helps with a vast array of current issues your pet may have (below), but it can be used as a tool for prevention too.

  • anxiety
  • cancer treatments
  • heart disease
  • pain
  • joint inflammation
  • nausea
  • seizures
  • sleeping
  • IBD

Think of it this way. Your pet taking a daily dose of CBD is like a human taking a daily multi-vitamin. Your pet is getting many long-term benefits that can minimize future problems. But, like with any supplement, the immediate effects may not be noticeable.


-Trial studies show that CBD can boost your pet’s immune system, all while being non-toxic. This is so important when at least 50% of dogs over the age of 10 will be diagnosed with cancer.  

-Research has shown that the specific antioxidants found in cannabidiol (CBD) are more powerful than vitamins E and C in terms of physiological function. When used in serums and oils, this translates to a wealth of disease-preventing characteristics.

-It’s long been known that CBD is an excellent anti-inflammatory with specific properties that work to reduce the risk of cancer, metabolic disorders, and nerve cell degeneration.

-Cannabidiol has been proven to block a specific class of enzymes that are known to inhibit marrow-producing tissues. This, of course, makes it an excellent preventative medication against age-related bone diseases like osteoporosis and arthritis.

-Cannabinoids have been proven to have an anti-inflammatory effect in numerous studies. The therapeutic potential is impressively wide-ranging, as inflammation is involved in a broad spectrum of diseases including cancer, metabolic disorders, and neurodegenerative diseases.

Many diseases begin with inflammation in the body for both humans and pets. CBD is only one modality that can aid in keeping it down. CBD is not a "cure-all" and should be incorporated with a proper whole food diet and any other preventative regime your pet is on.

To learn about the best and most effective way to dose your pet with CBD read our article on Dosing CBD Oil for Your Pet - Why We Recommend the Sublingual Method.