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16 Nov, 2019

Watch Our Video: Diet & Your Dog

Diet & Your Dog is part 1 in a series of videos that will explore ways not only CBD can help your pet, but how incorporating other techniques is beneficial too.

Food can affect your dog's anxiety, pain, inflammation response system, overall wellness, allergies, and disease. What you do for your dog at a young age makes a big difference in the future. 

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09 Apr, 2019

Holistic Veterinary Medicine with Dr. Tori Counter | Blooming Culture

There are so many advances in western medicine, that we are seeing our animals living longer lives, which is great! As I saw many older dogs and cats come through the clinic because their arthritis, chronic pain, and quality of life was getting the best of them. Eastern medicine helps heal the entire pet, balance out their systems, and acupuncture helps with chronic pain and aches that decrease their quality of life. Reducing the number of medications they have to take by implementing eastern medicine has helped improve their quality of life as well.
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17 Feb, 2019

Can My Veterinarian Discuss CBD for My Pet? | Blooming Culture

This article originally published in Green Entrepreneur, by Andreana Pena. To date, California is the only state to have passed a bill that allows veterinarians to discuss CBD with pet parents, though the law is still pretty grey. Many veterinarians in the state will still not discuss it for various reasons.
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