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5 Reasons Your Dog can Benefit from Canine Massage Therapy at any Age

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Caragh, founder of Wellness and Wags in Chicago discusses why canine massage is not a "spa treatment" for your dog. Yes, while it is relaxing AND does help with pet anxiety, it is good for the prevention of ailments that set in as our dog's age. 

We partnered with her at Side by Side Pet to discuss how CBD and massage can work well synergistically for various issues your pet may be having.

Caragh specializes in in-home canine massage and bodywork. She received her canine massage certification through the Chicago School of Canine Massage, now Canis Bodyworks, in 2017, and is nationally certified through the National Board of Certification for Animal Acupressure & Massage (NBCAAM). She has training in advanced post-surgical, edema management, and oncology techniques and is a certified FearFree professional committed to low-stress handling and positive touch experience. I have training in canine aquatics and am certified in Pet First Aid & CPR. 

Caragh is extremely active in the rescue world and she is very knowledgeable about palliative care.