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26 Aug, 2021

The 3 Types of CBD Sourced from Hemp for People and Pets | Blooming Culture

cbd oil for dogs
The 3 Types of CBD Sourced from Hemp for People and Pets 
There is no difference between the cannabinoid CBD for people and pets. The 3 types of cannabidiol for people and pets are; Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum, and Isolate. CBD grown and cultivated from the hemp plant contains less than 0.3% THC, and CBD produced from the marijuana plant has over 0.3% THC.
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20 Aug, 2020

EMBARK Dog DNA Testing Part 2: Dog Breed and Genetic Testing Results | Blooming Culture Pet CBD

In our first video, we discussed some of the differences between the 2 most popular DNA Testing kits for Dogs, Embark Vet, and Wisdom Panel. We went with Embark for our rescue dog Paddington because we were also interested in if he was predisposed to certain diseases based on genetic markers, and Wisdom Panel does not test for these. Watch the video to see what we learned and see if it might be for you! Part 3 will be our test with Wisdom Panel!

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28 May, 2020

How to Trim a Dog’s Toenails & Why It’s Important to Their Health | Blooming Culture

how to trim your dogs nails
A pet parents dreaded task... toenail trimming. It can be a stressful event for many pet owners and their pets. In fact, some pets are so fearful they cannot be restrained, and owners are super nervous because they know if they cut into the nail too deeply, it will cause bleeding. All in all, it is a dreaded job. But, it is one that must be done for the better health of the pet. We spoke to Dr. Gabby Pagana on how to trim your dog's nails and why it's so important. 
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04 May, 2020

An Effective DIY Golden Turmeric Paste Recipe for Your Dog | Blooming Culture

Many dog treats on the market are labeled with having turmeric or curcumin in them. The problem is they either don't contain enough for therapeutic benefits or are missing one of the other additional ingredients to make your dog absorb it properly. It is important to read ingredient labels or to make your own golden turmeric paste when you are seeking the most therapeutic benefits for your dog. 

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22 Jan, 2020

What Drugs Will Interact with My Pet's CBD?

pet CBD and drug interactions pet CBD and drug interactions

Dogs receiving chemotherapy for cancer tend to have a lot of unwanted side effects. Many pet parents use CBD oil as a way to curb some of them and make their pet more comfortable. The same way people going through radiation may use CBD or cannabis. But recent research has shown that giving CBD oil to your pet in conjunction with radiation actually may make chemotherapy more effective. 

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14 Jan, 2020

How Do You Dose Your Pet's CBD?

Dosing your dog CBD oil or cat CBD oil is extremely important to get the most effective results, especially if you are giving your pet CBD oil for cancer or seizures. Dosing your pet directly on the gum-line is key, allowing it to enter the bloodstream the fastest. 

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