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Better Your Pet's Wellbeing

A natural approach to

better your pet's wellbeing

at every stage of life through prevention, 

balance and support. #PlantsHelpPets

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Blooming Culture is a Pet CBD Brand Based on Nutritition, Because Ingredients Do Matter.


Certain ingredients are known to cause inflammation in your pet which can be a catalyst for cancer in dogs, arthritis and heart disease. That is why every product we produce is made with clean and limited ingredients that are nutrient dense for your pet. They are always grain and wheat free and never contain flavorings, fillers or preservatives, even "natural" ones.

Blooming Culture believes in advocating for the whole health of your pet, starting from the inside out. Today pet parents are trending forward toward using CBD to not only treat current health issues, but as a preventative measure for future age related problems and diseases. 

Blooming Culture pet hemp oil and CBD dog treats have a very high concentration of organic cannabidiol specifically for dogs and cats. Our pet CBD is specially formulated with non-psychoactive cannabidiol-rich CBD. Animals can get all the benefits of hemp oil without the high which makes our brand key to helping your best friend for any of their needs. Not ALL CBD is created equal.

The Blooming Culture Difference

Blooming Culture pet CBD oil comes in 4 strengths that are made to easily dose your furry friend based on your pet's weight. .

USA grown on an organic certified farm in Colorado with no GMOs or pesticides. Our pet CBD oil is 3rd party lab tested and then we re-test our final products to ensure potency.

Blooming Culture pet CBD products are broad spectrum—whole plant. They are not only rich in cannabidiol oil, but contain other terpenes that work synergystically together for greater benefits.

Blooming Culture sources CBD from one single farm and creates all of its own products. This equals consistency in what you are giving your pet. We do not buy white label treats and put our name on them. It is important to us that we are transparent in what your pet is getting.

Blooming Culture CBD Oil is full spectrum and can support a variety of issues for your pet.

The immune system, general and seperation anxiety, daily health, pain management, sleeplessness & sundown syndrome, joint issues, prevention of future health problems, cancer therapies, seizures, disease prevention, side effects from cancer treatments, and appetite loss.

a dose of weekly wellness for your pet

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CBD Real Meat Dog Treats

Introducing the first CBD dog treats on the market that contain only 2 ingredients. Blooming Culture's CBD infused real meat turkey treats are made with dehydrated organic free range turkey and our premium CBD oil.


Blooming Culture CBD Dog Treats

These treats reflect the spirit of Blooming Culture’s unwavering commitment to help better a pet’s wellbeing through healthy nutrition. Using only premium full spectrum cannabidiol and sourcing from a single USA farm ensures consistency throughout our product line for your pet. It took over a year of testing to perfect the formulation of these healthy and beneficial CBD treats, being the first kind of jerky to market. We are proud to be one of the pet industry’s leading innovators in pet nutrition and wellness resources. We choose turkey as our muscle protein because it is considered a neutral meat. Traditional Chinese Medicine teaches that a person's (or animal's) natural energy requires balance that can be achieved through a variety of factors such as food. This can be important for dogs dealing with any type of inflammatory issues (allergies, hot spots, vomiting, disease) because it does not create additional heat in the body.

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How Much CBD Oil Can I Give My Pet?

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Give Back

Meet Pippen and Payton from Wags and Walks. Learn about Blooming Culture's promise to help our furry friends in need. We give 3% of every BC product sold to cancer dogs through our partner the Live Like Roo Foundation. We also work with various animal rescues on events and product donations.

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Blooming Culture CBD Testimonials

"BC is more clean and pure, unflavored/colored, and provides clear dosage information. I have only used one other company which didn't have these things." - Mary C.

"My dog is a very picky eater and I like that it’s essentially scent-less and tasteless. I’ve tried other CBD brands that have a strong odor and it was next to impossible to get my dog to take it." - Laura H.

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"My Paco suffers from severe seperation anxiety. I cannot express how much Calm That Roar has helped him. His anxiety attacks have completely stopped since he started taking it. And the suggested dosage is the perfect amount. Thank you so much Blooming Culture." - Brooke L.

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"My Paco suffers from severe seperation anxiety. I cannot express how much Calm That Roar has helped him. His anxiety attacks have completely stopped since he started taking it. And the suggested dosage is the perfect amount. Thank you so much Blooming Culture." - Brooke L.

Blooming Culture Pet Health Blog on Nutrition, Canine Massage, Hydrotherapy

Blooming Blog

Giving pet parents options to a mutimodality

approach in treating their pets health naturally.

20 Aug, 2020

EMBARK Dog DNA Testing Part 2: Dog Breed and Genetic Testing Results | Blooming Culture Pet CBD

In our first video, we discussed some of the differences between the 2 most popular DNA Testing kits for Dogs, Embark Vet, and Wisdom Panel. We went with Embark for our rescue dog Paddington because we were also interested in if he was predisposed to certain diseases based on genetic markers, and Wisdom Panel does not test for these. Watch the video to see what we learned and see if it might be for you! Part 3 will be our test with Wisdom Panel!

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11 Jul, 2020

Does Your Dog Suffer From Anxiety? Pet Anxiety is the #1 Behavorial Problem in Dogs | Blooming Culture

Anxiety is a common problem pets face and canine anxiety is the #1 behavioral problem in dogs. If not handled properly, it can continue to be a burden for both of you. Instead of accepting that your pet is this way, we spoke to Dr. Gabby Pagana, DVM, CVA, an integrative veterinarian based in Los Angeles to find out how looking at the whole pet and using a multimodal approach can make a bigger difference, than a one-sided approach. It requires you to take a deeper look at your pet's lifestyle, diet, mental health, and dig into the root of the problem. 



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    28 May, 2020

    How to Trim a Dog’s Toenails & Why It’s Important to Their Health | Blooming Culture

    how to trim your dogs nails
    A pet parents dreaded task... toenail trimming. It can be a stressful event for many pet owners and their pets. In fact, some pets are so fearful they cannot be restrained, and owners are super nervous because they know if they cut into the nail too deeply, it will cause bleeding. All in all, it is a dreaded job. But, it is one that must be done for the better health of the pet. We spoke to Dr. Gabby Pagana on how to trim your dog's nails and why it's so important. 
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    10 May, 2020

    Raw Feeding. Is Feeding Your Dog Raw Food Right For You? | Blooming Culture

    As our pets continue to get more humanistic diseases and we learn more about how much diet plays a role in that, pet parents are trending towards more "real food" for their pets. Whether it is a fresh cooked diet, dehydrated raw, or species-appropriate raw, there are many more options readily available now.

    One survey showed that over 60% of pet owners look into a healthier diet for their pet only after they get sick. It's time to change that and try to incorporate a more well-rounded, fresh, and balanced diet for prevention instead.

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