Plants Help Pets ™️ 3% of all sales go to the Live Like Roo Foundation supporting Canine Cancer. Plants Help Pets ™️ 3% of all sales go to the Live Like Roo Foundation supporting Canine Cancer.

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Better your pet's wellbeing. Every choice you make for your pet counts.


Blooming Culture believes that whether you are supporting your dog with nutritious whole foods, supplements, or CBD, sourcing matters.


Certain ingredients are known to cause inflammation in your pet which can be a catalyst for cancer in dogs, arthritis and heart disease. That is why every product we produce is made with clean and limited ingredients that are nutrient dense for your pet. They are always grain and wheat free and never contain flavorings, fillers or preservatives, even "natural" ones.

Blooming Culture believes in advocating for the whole health of your pet, starting from the inside out. Today pet parents are trending forward toward using CBD to not only treat current health issues, but as a preventative measure for future age related problems and diseases. 

Blooming Culture pet hemp oil and CBD dog treats have a very high concentration of organic cannabidiol specifically for dogs and cats. Our pet CBD is specially formulated with non-psychoactive cannabidiol-rich CBD. Animals can get all the benefits of hemp oil without the high which makes our brand key to helping your best friend for any of their needs. Not ALL CBD is created equal.

The Blooming Culture Difference

Blooming Culture sources CBD from one single farm and formulates all of its own products. This equals consistency in what you are giving your pet. It is important to us that we are transparent in what your pet is getting.

Our CBD oil is USA grown on an organic certified farm in Colorado with no GMOs or pesticides. The CBD oil for your pet is 3rd party lab tested to ensure potency and efficacy

Blooming Culture pet CBD products are full spectrum—whole plant. They are not only rich in cannabidiol oil, but contain other terpenes that work synergistically together for greater benefits. Read why this is important in our blog about What Type of CBD Should I Choose?.

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CBD Real Meat Dog Treats

Introducing the first CBD dog treats on the market that contain only 2 ingredients. Blooming Culture's CBD infused real meat turkey treats are made with dehydrated organic free range turkey and our premium CBD oil.


Blooming Culture CBD Dog Treats

These treats reflect the spirit of Blooming Culture’s unwavering commitment to help better a pet’s wellbeing through healthy nutrition. Using only premium full spectrum cannabidiol and sourcing from a single USA farm ensures consistency throughout our product line for your pet. It took over a year of testing to perfect the formulation of these healthy and beneficial CBD treats, being the first kind of jerky to market. We are proud to be one of the pet industry’s leading innovators in pet nutrition and wellness resources. We choose turkey as our muscle protein because it is considered a neutral meat. Traditional Chinese Medicine teaches that a person's (or animal's) natural energy requires balance that can be achieved through a variety of factors such as food. This can be important for dogs dealing with any type of inflammatory issues (allergies, hot spots, vomiting, disease) because it does not create additional heat in the body.

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How Much CBD Oil Can I Give My Pet?

Pet CBD Dosing Guide
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Shop organic CBD and hemp oil for pets and support animal rescue | Blooming Culture

Give Back

Meet Pippen and Payton from Wags and Walks. Learn about Blooming Culture's promise to help our furry friends in need. We give 3% of every BC product sold to cancer dogs through our partner the Live Like Roo Foundation. We also work with various animal rescues on events and product donations.

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26 Aug, 2021

The 3 Types of CBD Sourced from Hemp for People and Pets | Blooming Culture

cbd oil for dogs
The 3 Types of CBD Sourced from Hemp for People and Pets 
There is no difference between the cannabinoid CBD for people and pets. The 3 types of cannabidiol for people and pets are; Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum, and Isolate. CBD grown and cultivated from the hemp plant contains less than 0.3% THC, and CBD produced from the marijuana plant has over 0.3% THC.
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18 Aug, 2021

The Top 5 Skin Cancers in Dogs | Blooming Culture Pet

Top 5 Skin Cancers in Dogs
The Top 5 Skin Cancer Types in Dogs, including Sun Protection for Cell Carcinoma. Cancer is the leading cause of death in dogs, and since early detection can be the deciding factor in the outcome, never ignore any lump or bump on your pet. Summer might be coming to a close, but that doesn't mean that our dogs are any less susceptible to getting skin cancer. Squamous Cell Carcinoma is a type of skin tumor that may be attributed to sun exposure and is the second most commonly diagnosed type of tumor in dogs, right after Mast Cell Tumors.  
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14 Aug, 2021

How to Make Himalayan Dog Chews | Blooming Culture Pet

How to make Himalayan Dog Chews "Yak Cheese Chews" with Blooming Culture. We recreated these healthy dog chews using the original recipe from Planet Paws; Rodney Habib and Dr. Karen Becker. Himalayan dog chews are a great option for any pup that loves to chew and is much better for their teeth than rawhides.

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