Plants Help Pets ™️ 3% of all sales go to the Live Like Roo Foundation supporting Canine Cancer. Plants Help Pets ™️ 3% of all sales go to the Live Like Roo Foundation supporting Canine Cancer.

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Better Your Pet's Wellbeing.

A functional approach to your companion's health since 2018.


A note from our founder.

"Thanks for stopping by! We are excited to share some updates regarding the future direction of our company. In the upcoming months, we will be introducing some changes to our product offerings as we expand into a curated selection of total wellness solutions for your pet, which will include additional targeted CBD formulations. Our new website launch will occur in two phases. Firstly, we will have a brand-new site dedicated to our CBD products. This will include the reintroduction of our treats on a monthly basis in limited editions and drops. The second phase will focus on all other aspects of total pet wellness, providing valuable resources and insightful case studies, including our cat rescue initiative. We are committed to sharing our knowledge and experience of using a fully integrative approach to pet wellness and incorporating the latest interventions such as herbals, adaptogens, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), supplements, mushrooms, and cutting-edge therapies like ozone, acupuncture, and laser therapy. Our ultimate goal is to establish an ecosystem of best-in-class and efficacious products, formulated with scientifically studied ingredients, to ensure the well-being of your pet surpasses all expectations. We strongly believe in the benefits of both allopathic medicine and alternative therapies, whether used independently or in combination with traditional Western medicine, to achieve the optimal outcome for your pet's health. Most pet parent's have the same goal, for our companions to lead the longest and healthiest life possible, so let's get there together."

Higher Dosing of CBD is ok.

As research and studies on CBD advance, our knowledge regarding optimal dosing guidelines will continue to evolve and be refined. "Studies now suggest that CBD can be administered to dogs at consistently higher levels than previously thought. And in certain therapeutic areas, even higher dosages are proving to be beneficial and safe during pain management. Instead of using only traditional medications, studies also show that the best treatment outcomes rely on a multimodal approach." Read more on dosing and watch our video on administrating CBD to your pet here.

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How Much CBD Oil Can I Give My Pet?

Pet CBD Dosing Guide

"Every state has a lot of different regulations, especially on the newer synthetic cannabinoids that you might see. Please remember to always thoroughly research a CBD or cannabis product not sold in a licensed dispensary. There are some synthetic forms of cannabinoids becoming more prevalent in the current market due to a lack of regulation. In some cases they might be ok, but in many, the studies are just not there yet to see the efficacy or long term effects.

Sourcing ALWAYS matter.

Choosing organically grown hemp for your pet is essential. This is the only way to ensure the plant was grown without synthetic pesticides and fertilizers, reducing the risk of harmful chemicals. This is important as the soil hemp grows in can readily absorb toxins, which are then passed through to the oil via the plant matter. By creating our products using only organic hemp, we can ensure a safer and cleaner product for your animal using sustainable growing practices.


Blooming Culture sources CBD from one single farm and formulates all of its own products. It is important to us that we are transparent in what your pet is getting. Blooming Culture pet CBD products contain full spectrum—whole plant.

a dose of weekly wellness for your pet

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CBD Real Meat Dog Treats

Introducing the first CBD dog treats on the market that contain only 2 ingredients. Blooming Culture's CBD infused real meat turkey treats are made with dehydrated organic free range turkey and our premium CBD oil.


Blooming Culture Difference

We paired our knowledge and experience of plant medicine and nutrition to create our highly sought after limited ingredient Organic Turkey CBD treats. We are looking to relaunch them again once we find a partner that can align with our standards using only organic or grass-fed proteins for a nutrient dense, functional treat.

Blooming Culture believes healthy nutrition is the first step to a healthy pet.