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CBD Dosing Guide for Dogs and Cats



The top 3 dosing questions we get about CBD for your pet are...


How much CBD Oil should I give my dog or cat?

The universal standard for dosing CBD Oil to you dog or cat is to start with apx. 1 mg per 10 lb's of body weight 2X a day. The CBD dosage can then be adjusted up from there.

What is the best and most effective way to administer CBD to my pet?

This can actually make a HUGE difference in how effective any CBD is, 
and that includes for humans too. Read our Blog and watch our Video "how to administer pet CBD"  to learn all of the details.


Do I have to give my pet CBD every day?
This question is tricky and varies. Dosing is best on a daily because just like in our systems it accumulates in theirs too. That makes it much more effective especially for chronic conditions. Since every pet is different, on an as needed will work for only some. CBD is a universal wellness tool and giving it to your pet is nothing but beneficial.

Always email us for any dosing questions you may have, especially if you buy a different mg than recommended for your pet’s weight. Keep in mind, the best and quickest absorption rate occurs when the oil is given orally (by mouth) and no food is given 30 minutes before or after taking it. For more information, please read our blog & the FAQ section or email us at We will be happy to help you work on the dosing.


Dosing Blooming Culture Pet CBD


Metered Droppers:

 .25 ml  =   5 drops

 .50 ml  = 10 drops

 .75 ml  = 15 drops

1.0 ml = 20 drops

CBD dosing for pets | Blooming Culture

We can’t stress enough that every pet is different, and the recommended dosage of CBD oil for your pet may need to be adjusted to their individual needs. To establish a good baseline, start by giving the suggested dosage daily on a set schedule for 3 days. Based on your pet’s response, you can then slowly titrate up over the next 4 days at which time you will once again reevaluate.

Also note, our topical balm can be used for skin irritations in conjunction with the oral CBD. It does not penetrate into the bloodstream and makes a great addition to the regime.

When you have a pet that has:

*serious illness, *seizures, *major inflammation - we recommend starting with a little higher dose for the first 3 days. 


CALM THAT PURR™ 125 mg's CBD Oil
 suggested dose for regular support
1 drop every 2 lbs : 2X/day
*suggested higher dosing
1 drop every 2 lbs : 3X/day
CALM THAT BARK™ 300 mg's CBD Oil
 suggested dose for regular support
1 drop every 5lbs : 2X/day
*suggested higher dosing
1 drop every 5lbs : 3X/day
CALM THAT ROAR™ 500 mg's CBD Oil
50lbs +
 suggested dose for regular support 
1 drop every 10lbs : 2X/day 
*suggested higher dosing
1 drop every 10lbs : 3X/day 
CALM THOSE ROARS +™ 1000 mg's CBD Oil
60lbs +
suggested dose for regular support
1 drop every 20lbs : 2X/day 
*suggested higher dosing
1 drop every 20lbs : 3X/day