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04 May, 2020

An Effective DIY Golden Turmeric Paste Recipe for Your Dog | Blooming Culture

Many dog treats on the market are labeled with having turmeric or curcumin in them. The problem is they either don't contain enough for therapeutic benefits or are missing one of the other additional ingredients to make your dog absorb it properly. It is important to read ingredient labels or to make your own golden turmeric paste when you are seeking the most therapeutic benefits for your dog. 

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06 Mar, 2019

Can My Dog Have THC? THC Toxicity In Pets is Dangerous

There is a growing rate of veterinarians seeing pets being brought in for “marijuana toxicity” in states that have legalized marijuana. There is no “one” cure for marijuana toxicity in pets, but veterinarians have the tools to keep your pet safe, comfortable & their vitals regulated throughout the detoxing process.
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