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17 Feb, 2019

Can My Veterinarian Discuss CBD for My Pet? | Blooming Culture

This article originally published in Green Entrepreneur, by Andreana Pena. To date, California is the only state to have passed a bill that allows veterinarians to discuss CBD with pet parents, though the law is still pretty grey. Many veterinarians in the state will still not discuss it for various reasons.
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16 Jan, 2019

Dog Hydrotherapy Can Heal and Prolong Your Dog’s Life

Dog Hydrotherapy
Dog Hydrotherapy is not just for overweight pets or stiff joints and arthritis.  Water therapy is used in treating illness and injuries but also provides a great way to help even healthy dogs stay in optimal shape. Moreover, it helps to prolong a pet’s quality of life as they get older. Hydrotherapy hastens healing, loosens tight muscles, increases coordination, and improves balance as well as increases stamina and flexibility. It also provides a good overall cardiovascular workout. 
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