Chicago, IL


cbd for pets

When we hear how our CBD products have helped pets, we know we are on the right path to fulfilling our mission.

"Our dog has been suffering from an adrenal cell tumor that was diagnosed July, 2016...but she was displaying symptoms for months beforehand. High blood pressure, anxiety, pacing, difficulty recovering from any stress due to hormone spikes are her main symptoms. We did oral chemo for 2 yrs but could no longer afford it and we became more concerned with quality of life vs quantity. We started Calm that Bark (she’s an 18 lb shin tzu) from Blooming Culture on 9/19/18 and we have seen a SIGNIFICANT decrease in anxiety, pacing, and stress...and an increase in playful times and appetite over the last few weeks. Her anxiety is worse in the evening and it’s continuing to decrease as we slightly increase dosage, allowing us more peace at bedtime! The company is socially responsible, very responsive and products are vegan/non gmo/preservative free. They give back 3% to animals (like Bella!) in need, which is amazing. They allow her to continue to #livelikeroo...with #animalsandflowers! 🌸🐶💕" -Cindy B.


"My garbage princess loves her CBD oil from Blooming Culture. Zero issues in the smell or taste, but I’d expect nothing less from the dog who eats fuzzies she finds under the couch. Maggie is a pit-mastiff rescue, who was blind until she was 6 months old, bounced from Chicago Animal Control to several fosters and then to me. Needless to say, she is generally terrified of most things, and a reactive dog in high-stress situations (like vet visits) Meaning, she will be amped up with anxiety, shake, hide behind me, probably pee herself, and if she feels especially threatened or cornered she can be unpredictable. She’s come a long, long way in the few years I’ve had her, but new people, places, situations are still an ordeal. I’m excited to see how this CBD oil helps with her anxiety. Check them out if you have a neurotic garbage dog like me, or an elderly or sick pup that could use some some relief." -Charlotte O.


"I can’t believe how amazing it has worked on Finley’s long ass hotdog body- his poor back has hurt since we adopted him and this stuff has been like a time machine to puppyhood. Seriously mind blowing, incredible stuff that anyone should try if they’re remotely curious." -Mary R.


"We tried Blooming Culture oil for our 2 year old goldendoodle. He tends to get anxious very easily, so our trainer has been recommending that we try CBD oil, and we finally tried it out. It is SO much better than the medications we have used in the past! He was calm and relaxed throughout all the fireworks on 4th of July, but without the side effects he used to have on his medication. It also helps him in long car rides. Plus the oil is top quality.. I definitely recommend this product for any pet owner!" -Amy R.


"I" recently tried Blooming Culture CBD ice cream. My mutt (part American Bull Terrier, Chihuahua, Cocker Spaniel, and many other breeds) is a year and a half, and sometimes can be a little jumpy/anxious. I wasn't actually sure how he would react to the loud noise holiday. He had his ice cream early in the day, and throughout the day he did great. He didn't bark once, didn't even freak out over the excessive noise. Bowie is not a fan of the car either. We even drove from the city to the suburbs at one point with fireworks seen from the highway left and right. His mood was great, he looked out the window or took a little siesta. One cute, anxious, semi spaz of a pup highly recommends Blooming Culture products to all his four legged friends!" -Olga B.


"I can not say enough about this product. I have a dog that is scared to death of storms. The CBD Oil had her relaxing even though it was thundering and within a half hour she was asleep. She normally scratches at me, jumps on tables, cries and paces while it is storming, even when a storm is far away from us. THANK YOU!!" -Case R.