Plants Help Pets ™️ 3% of all sales go to the Live Like Roo Foundation supporting Canine Cancer. Plants Help Pets ™️ 3% of all sales go to the Live Like Roo Foundation supporting Canine Cancer.

Los Angeles, CA

Blooming Foster Dog

Blooming Foster Dogs

We are excited to launch our newest give back program called Blooming Fosters. Each month we sponsor a dog that is looking to be fostered or adopted with Blooming Culture pet CBD products. Blooming Fosters is completely separate from donations to our partner, the Live Like Roo Foundation, and any other current donation initiatives in place. If you would like your rescue to be considered, please fill out this form.


Meet Moose aka, the King

 from Real Time Rescue

"We were introduced to 10yo Moose after looking into a message received about a dog in need that was seen chained to a car. He was actually chained to a tree with very little room to move, covered in flies with severe fly strike on both ears. Although he clearly needed our help, he did have an owner. After talking with them about what we could offer him in terms a new home, they gladly surrendered him. So after living 24/7/365 with chickens as his main companions, we're happy to say he is on his way to a better life!"- Real Time Rescue

He will need to be the only dog in the household and preferably based in an area where he wouldn't regularly encounter a large number of other dogs. Currently showing ribs and underweight at around 75lbs, we do expect that with the appetite we are seeing this scrawny senior should be filling out in no time. He is VERY strong and only beginning to know what it means to walk on a leash. He will need a solid routine and a bit of time and forgiveness to help with this, and conquer potty training. Lastly, we are seeking someone who understands that for this sweet, mellow guy, human touch, companionship and exchanging of affections is all brand new and a little awkward. Are you looking to help teach an old boy some new tricks? Are you ready to show a dog what it means to be loved and respected? Contact Real Time Rescue!