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Blooming Foster Dog

Blooming Foster Dogs

We are excited to launch our newest give back program called Blooming Fosters. Each month a new rescue and foster dog will be highlighted and we will sponsor that pup for the month with Blooming Culture pet CBD products. Blooming Fosters is completely seperate from donations to our partner the Live Like Roo Foundation and any other current donation initiatives in place. If you would like your rescue to be considered, please fill out this form.


Meet Arrow the Great from Real Time Rescue

real time rescue dog foster los angeles

Arrow is 6 year old 55lb uniquely beautiful mix of Terrier-Labrador-Husky-Shepherd. She’s spunky, playful and an absolute doll.

Arrow was first rescued as a puppy in New York. As a young girl, she and her then caretaker experienced a violent assault, which understandably changed her relationships with new humans moving forward. Many years later Arrow continues to work on overcoming this fear of strangers.

Arrow was surrendered in early 2019 when her family found that they were pregnant and faced the decision of putting her down, for fear that no one would adopt a dog with her reactivity. But THE ZEN DOG had already been a large part of Arrow’s life for years and sincerely believed in her power to transform. Now Real Time Rescue is helping Arrow find a new home!

Arrow enjoys camping, taking naps in the sun and stuffed animals. Arrow would do best in a home with no kids, a small mellow dog or no dogs at all. She is crate trained and a dream to go walking or hiking with! Because she is fearful of new people, she takes a little time to warm up, but when she does- she’s forever yours. With help from THE ZEN DOG, Arrow is learning to work through her fears and accept new people into her life with less stress. Are you the one to help Arrow brave the world? She’s worth it!

THE ZEN DOG will help anyone interested in fostering or adopting Arrow with integrating her into your home- going through the process together step by step to help you build a lasting bond based on respect, trust and love. Fill out a form here to foster Arrow. No doubt you will fall in love.