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13 Apr, 2020

The differences between a Pet CBD Oil (oral), CBD Topical and CBD Transdermal | Blooming Culture

There is a difference in the formulation of a transdermal vs other products that makes the "medication" or CBD able to pass through your pet's skin and penetrate into their bloodstream for maximum benefits. Please make sure you are using and administering the product correctly based on the desired results. As of now, there are very few transdermal pet CBD products on the market & none have been tested in a double-blind study. Topicals are great for localized relief, but if you want something topically to effectively enter the bloodstream, make sure it is a transdermal product.

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22 Jan, 2020

What Drugs Will Interact with My Pet's CBD?

pet CBD and drug interactions pet CBD and drug interactions

Dogs receiving chemotherapy for cancer tend to have a lot of unwanted side effects. Many pet parents use CBD oil as a way to curb some of them and make their pet more comfortable. The same way people going through radiation may use CBD or cannabis. But recent research has shown that giving CBD oil to your pet in conjunction with radiation actually may make chemotherapy more effective. 

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16 Jan, 2020

Homemade Cranberry and Blueberry Dog Treats

Can my dog have cranberries and blueberries? Yes! We love feeding fresh and whole foods as treats to your pet when possible. This way they are getting the entire food without any nutrients being stripped, reaping the biggest benefits. 

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14 Jan, 2020

How Do You Dose Your Pet's CBD?

Dosing your dog CBD oil or cat CBD oil is extremely important to get the most effective results, especially if you are giving your pet CBD oil for cancer or seizures. Dosing your pet directly on the gum-line is key, allowing it to enter the bloodstream the fastest. 

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