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Pets, Planes, and CBD: Can I Travel with Pet CBD on an Airplane? | Blooming Culture

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CBD travel pack for dogs | Blooming Culture

FC: Tracy Kumono

Are you one of those pet parents who love to take their pets wherever they go? If so, then you know how stressful it can become for them as they try to cope in unfamiliar surroundings. Anxiety levels skyrocket and suddenly it becomes a difficult situation for you both. Canine anxiety is, in fact, one of the most diagnosed behavioral problems for dogs.

The good news is that travel just got easier in 2019 for both of you. That’s when the TSA revamped its guidelines for traveling with CBD oil, and this includes traveling with CBD oil for pets too. That is a game-changer for any pet parent whose furry best friend is plagued by debilitating health issues and pet anxiety. 

According to the TSA, as long as the CBD oil is hemp-derived and has less than .3% THC content, it is okay to bring on a domestic travel flight.


Here are some travel tips for anyone carrying Pet CBD Oil on an airplane:

1. Adhere to TSA liquids rule: less than 3.4 oz. and in a quart size baggie.

2. Carry a Third-Party Lab Report which lists the THC content of the pet CBD and proves that it’s a hemp-derived product. TSA can’t visually decipher THC potency.

3. Pack it in a checked bag if you have one and won’t need it during the flight.

Remember to do a trial with your pet CBD with your dog or cat before-hand if you have never administered it to them. Every pet responds differently to the length of time it takes CBD to become effective and some pets require that the CBD builds up in their system to work optimally which can take up to 2 weeks. 

CBD travel pet pack for dogs and cats | Blooming Culture

FC: Tracy Kumono

Blooming Culture’s Travel Pack is perfect for all your pets traveling needs. The lightweight, 4x7 inch foiled pouch is child-resistant and contains a 15 ml bottle of our pet CBD, Calm That Bark CBD/300 mg’s, and a sampler of our CBD Treats in Turkey. Our pet CBD can be dosed pre-flight, and our CBD dog treats are great to give in-flight.