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July 4th is Not a Celebration for Everyone: CBD for Dogs and Fireworks | Blooming Culture

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The July 4th holiday is a day for grilling, parades, fireworks, and pretty much all outdoor activities. And as much as you may be anticipating all the fun, it’s just like any other day for a dog – until the unexpected explosive crackling and booming sounds of fireworks begin. Then it can become a day of trauma and uncontrollable anxiety for some.

Did you know?
Approximately 45% of dogs have fireworks phobia. 

Remember, dogs can hear at decibels unimaginable to humans. Their distress can be acutely visible as they shake, pant, and pace in desperation to find shelter. Some get “whale eyes” (the whites of the eyes are larger than normal) and start paw-licking or yawning. To them, fireworks are like thunderstorms times ten. 

 Wags and Walks alumni rescue dog.

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 Did you know?

July 5th is the busiest day of the year for pet shelters because more dogs get frightened and run away than on any other day of the year. If you can help

at all now, or the next few weeks this is a critical time for them. They need volunteers and foster homes to make room for the new pets coming in.

And as usual, pet parents feel helpless because nothing they do seems to comfort them. Here are some tips on what you can do ahead of time to ensure your pet’s safety and wellbeing. 



Sedatives may be quick fix but they come with risk factors. Some increase noise sensitivity (Acepromazine) and others reduce the amount of blood pumping in the body (Dexmedetomidine). One medication considered safe (Benzodiazepine) decreases the ability to remember the event which negates any type of behavior modification. 

You may want to consider an alternative medication that has proven to lessen anxiety: CBD oil. It’s safe and easy to administer and that’s why dog shelters use it a lot. Just remember, know your source. Blooming Culture uses non-toxic (you can't overdose your pet), Colorado-grown CBD.  For more information and dosing instructions, visit


How loving pet parents protect their dogs during 4th of July fireworks.

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Many times CBD can also be administered in addition to their RX anxiety medications for a little extra sedation. But remember to always speak to your vet about this first.


Play a favorite game or give treats so they associate good things with fireworks.  Or, create white noise to block out the sounds – loud music or a TV turned up high. 

Fear Factor

If your dog is fearful and comes to you for comfort, you have to be cheerful and relaxed because they can sense when you are anxious. 

Safe House

Designate a “safe place” in your home where it’s quiet and dark. Place his bed or crate there with food, water, and familiar items they like. The best rule of the day is to keep your dog indoors. 

Protective Gear

Use a hoodie, thunder shirt, or weighted blanket - anything that makes them feel swaddled and safe. 

Identification Records

Due to their heightened level of anxiety dogs will either fight or take flight. As a precautionary measure, microchip your best friend or ensure they wear an ID tag with updated information. Take a photo in case you need to post a dreaded “missing” dog sign.

Food and Water

Dogs can handle anxiety better if they’ve had good eats, water, and exercise beforehand. Many dogs lose their appetite or thirst once they become anxious so it’s all the more stressful. Make sure you keep your best friend away from alcohol or table scraps. 

Most important of all, make your dog’s safety and comfort part of your holiday plans!

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Find more tips from Jessie at Side By Side Pet in this video clip.