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We believe that healing the whole body inside and out is very important. It makes for a more effective outcome for disease and illness. We also believe in the words integrative medicine for animals and people. There is a place for pharmaceuticals and a place for holistic care too. Every animal's circumstance is different and can usually benefit from more than one modality of help. Below are some professionals that we believe can add great benefit to your pet at any stage in their life help them live a more balanced life. Our goal is to #betteryourpetswellbeing - Healthier Pets are Happier Pets


TheK9PT- Providing in home  physical therapy for your pet. Dr. Francisco specializes in helping senior dogs improve their independence with their daily routine, so they can live their golden years without the need of pain medication.

Wellness and Wags- In home canine massage & bodywork sessions to improve your dog’s mobility, aid in injury and illness recovery, and promote relaxation and wellbeing. Caragh is a certified canine massage therapist (CCMT) with training in advanced post-surgical, edema management, and oncology techniques. She is a certified FearFree professional committed to low-stress handling and positive touch experiences.

Answers Pet Food- If you have questions or are interested in raw feeding for your pet this company is transparent with their sourcing, produces very high quality products, and does a ton of education online through their blogs and live video chats. 

Natural Healing Whole Dog Wellness- Hydrotherapy for your dog. If you have questions about the benefits of water therapy please check out our blog post.

Dr. Karen Becker- Dr. Becker has been on the forefront of integrative pet wellness for years before it became widely discussed. Today, she helps millions of pets worldwide achieve abundant health by offering the most up-to-date information on species-appropriate nutrition, lifestyle choices and proactive living. Dr. Becker is still available for consults via telephone.

Truth About Pet Food- This site is all about Pet Food. From recalls to news, ingredients and regulations. One of our top picks!

Pet Fooled- Want to learn about commercial pet foods on the market? The #petfooled Talk To Us Campaign is an effort to lift the veil of secrecy that is common with pet food manufacturing. Watch the video on Netflix or buy on Itunes.

Dr. Dena Jersild- Chiropractic and Integrative therapy for your pet can help support so many problems that you may not even realize such as- seizures, urinary incontinence, weak muscles, digestion and arthritis. Dr.Jersild helps you look at the entire picture for the health of your pet. We have seen tremendous results and it even makes our dog calmer. Check out our blog for details.