Plants Help Pets ™️ 3% of all sales go to the Live Like Roo Foundation supporting Canine Cancer. Plants Help Pets ™️ 3% of all sales go to the Live Like Roo Foundation supporting Canine Cancer.

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About Us

Plants Help Pets | Blooming Culture CBD and hemp for pets

The Blooming Culture Difference

Better Your Pet’s Wellbeing ™️ Our easily-dosed products are made by in small batches and specially formulated with non-psychoactive broad-spectrum -rich CBD for your pet. We are a -minded, woman-founded company that strives to help your pets live longer and happier lives. Proceeds from each sale go to help support animals with cancer through the Live Like Roo Foundation.

Starting your pet on a CBD regimen can be a life-changing preventative measure that re-defines their quality of life in those later years. We are first and for all about health and wellness. Because we look at the whole health of the pet, we also base our products on nutrition, which sets apart in the CBD space. Our brand is not just products, but a community of health-minded individuals, including veterinarians who can educate one another on alternative modalities for your pet. With our extensive knowledge and partners in the wellness field, we can offer a more comprehensive plan for your best friend. 

We didn't like the non-transparency of the market.

It was very important to us that we didn't take any shortcuts in developing our CBD products and wanted to have a hands-on relationship with the farm we sourced from. It was non-negotiable that we use a farm in the USA instead of going overseas. We needed a relationship with the grower to create transparency to the end user. Blooming Culture wants you to have confidence that what you are giving your pet is pure – free of pesticides and solvents – and beneficial.

It took over a year and a lot of intense research and lengthy interviews to find just the right company to source our CBD. We wanted a partner that not only had who shared our vision, our passion, and our ethics. We did our due diligence because we wanted to make sure the products we brought to market became the gold standard in quality. Blooming Culture is committed to using the highest-grade CBD for pets, pairing it with only clean and limited ingredients that benefit your animal. 

We use "whole plant" CBD extract instead of (the CBD molecules are isolated without other parts of the plant) or industrial hemp which comes from the stalk only and sourced overseas. Huge amounts of industrial hemp are required to extract a small amount of CBD, thereby raising the risk of contaminants because hemp is a “bio-accumulator” that draws toxins from the soil. There have been many documented tests that show companies are selling CBD oil products that contain almost no CBD.  

In sourcing ours from the sunny state of Colorado, our farm is licensed under the Department of Agriculture. This lends our CBD extract to maintain all of the plant's original compounds, including other non-psychoactive ,  (aromatic oils that color cannabis varieties with distinctive flavors like citrus, berry, mint, and pine) and plant waxes to create a full spectrum medicinal product. Every batch is third party and independently tested for potency and residual chemicals. View our certifications of analysis